Monday, November 7, 2011

Dance Oh you Beautiful soul, dance!

Today I danced, in the car with Suzy driving, in the parking lot of the safeway, with a nasty, naughty swing to my hips when I walked, chest forward, impling promises of delights unimagined and oh, by all the gods did I need to dance.  I danced on webcam for a good friend who seemed amused and pleased by my wiggling and then I taught the basic hip roll to my roommate Tabbi, getting a little caught up in it and losing myself to the music!

Oh how I need to dance, like I need to sing, like I need air to breathe, cutting this part off of me leaves me aching and crippled.  From now on I shall dance, I will close my eyes and let the beat of a drum spin me off to a world where the aches vanish and the cruel things of the world are flung off me like at tornado speeds. My arms will move and my hips will pop and roll and my stomach will flux and I will be free again, inside myself. In the rapture of the dance I am neither thin nor fat, skilled or novice. I just am and I will dance and be free.

I invite you to watch, better yet, I invite you to the dance, take my hand, close your eyes and move to the beat of the drums or the beat of the drum in your heart. Forget what others think or how bad or good you are at it.  Take my hand. Dance with me.