Sunday, October 30, 2011

Good Night Moon (Aug 28th 2007)

Good night cow jumping over the moon
Just watched the lunar eclipse with my daughter and her friend Mike
we stayed up all night and set an alarm clock just for the hope that you could see it from the east coast(we'd been told you wouldn't be able to) and we could

and it was amazing
She was amazing
she the moon and she the Alyssa
never have the words "oh wow" summed up so much

one she refused to come inside until she felt she had properly guided the other she out for the night
things happen for a reason

if I chose to stay here
I have a job
I have a place to stay to save up money for as long as I need
I don't have jerry bullshit all old and should be forgotte
nor john drama, unintentional but still theret
he weight of the past is more than I can bear that close up
and some wounds have not healed
I can start classes at Cortiva this fall if I want

If I chose to go home
rent is cheaper
but jobs are scarce
my babies are closer
but I have so much past there
that it weighs me down

Here feels like home
there feels like home
Goddess Guide Me as I Sleep
I need some help with this one

either way,
good night Moon
good night cow jumping over the moon
good night table
good night spoon

good night brush
good night little old lady
whispering 'hush'

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