Sunday, October 30, 2011

If I (June 2007)

If I asked you
for one more chance
would you give it to me
and let's try this dance
If I told you
that I made a mistake
but with my head held high
and my pride held low
could you accept that
and we could take things slow
this time
If I told you
that I still love you
so much that I ache inside
for just a passing touch
would you touch me
Could you accept
that your anger at me
is caused by the love
you have the change
to decieve
If I came back
and we tried again
moving slow and easy
because we see the mistakes
we've made in the past
would you try too
If I came back
to you
instead of you coming
to me
could we heal the scars
try to see
if maybe
that's what's best for us both
I do love you
I do miss you
I do want you
but should I ask?
would you?

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