Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pieces (Aug 27th 2007)

Picking up the peices
collecting the shards
you'd think this would be easier
but it's not, this time it's hard

Bits of my life
bits of yours
my past follows close behind me
yours haunts me like a ghost

Why does what you've done
in the time I've been away
matter to me now
we are not
we should never be again
yet your promisucity
seems to be falling on me
and I don't understand
I don't want the drama
the bullshit
or the pain
of being detested
and hated again
so why
does this matter
why do they come to me
this is your garden
you planted these seeds
(this doesn't say what I want to say, it's more like mental vomit, something I had to get out....there are questions here I can't answer and the person who can, won' just mop it up and let it go)

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