Sunday, October 30, 2011

Not Wrong (this one is X-rated, you've been warned)

I am not bad that I want you to come upstairs to bed with me, make love to me, touch me and hold me, to tell  me how much you love me, how crazy my touch/taste/smell drives you I want to feel you lick between my thighs as you work your way higher, teasing my clit with your fingertips as you move upward so that by the time you get your mouth on my pussy, my clit is puffy and swollen and the bed beneath me is drenched from how wet you've gotten, soaked and tight and soooooo ready for you...
I am not bad that I want you to tease me, bait me with the feel of you hard against me, the taste of us mingling on your cock, let me lick it off and then take it away for more teasing..teasing you makes you precum and that gets me so to lean down and lick it off then tease the head so you get all wet again
that it's not wrong that I love having you above me, looking into my eyes as you sink all the way in in one hard thrust, almost but not quite painful as I've been made soo tight from your teasing..
wanting the thrusts that sink deep, primal deep, the kind that if we weren't protected, would be the makin babies kinda thrusts..
soul deep sex
that's all I want

The touch of you on my skin would burn I think, from the heat of pent up desire, your tongue leaving molten trails of heat across me in paths of pleasure.  My back arching in ecstacy as your lips and tongue blaze the trail your hands follow so well it's like you already knew the map of me, the soul at my core all that's left for you to explore and I wait while you search out any inch of my body that you may have forgotten in the inital rush.  Impatient, I take your hand in mine and slide one finger inside me, thrusting and tightening against the intrusion, wet enough that you know from touch alone that further penetration will be tight but easy, that I'm waiting for you, damp, willing and oh so eager to feel you.  Pulling you up and kissing you, your lips pressing against mine hard enough to scrape my lips on my teeth, I whisper "I need you' and wrap my legs around you, pulling your hard cock against my dampness, the head just at the opening of my pussy, arching against you, pulling just the tip in, I lock my eyes on yours and say "take me"
I'm still not wrong.

 you sink all the way inside me in one fluid stroke, my hips arching, eyes widening in surprise and small sounds of satisfaction escape my lips.  You're so deep that I can feel your hips against mine and we begin to move in tandem, a dance we've only just pretended to dance before, moving almost as one.  My legs wrapped around your back pulling you deeper, my hands tracing, running through your hair to the base of your spine, ghost trails along your skin with my nails, writing on your skin a history of bliss shared.  Sweat drenched skin and sounds of pleasure mingle in the air around us and I pull you down to whisper the things you already know but that have remained unsaid between us.

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