Sunday, October 30, 2011

Morphine (June 2007, wow 2007 was either a great creative year or sucked hard...)

I am your morphine
use me to kill your pain
lurking deep with in your veins
use me
you have no shame
just place all the blame
on me
your morphine
I am your drug of choice
Just when you think
you've gotten clean
you fall back on me
so mean
and in the shattered glass
whispering secrets of your past
I'm there to hold you in my arms
and remind you why
you need me
to blame
your morphine
I take away the guilt
for all your stupid shit
all the scars you've made
all the pain you've laid
blame me
I'm the cause
I'm the poison
poisoning you
so that nothing you ever do
is your own fault
your morphine
so come to me my child
I'll take your pain
while you run wild
free of all your fears
no, baby, those aren't tears
it's just me
your morphine

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