Sunday, October 30, 2011

This was gonna get left out, but well, rofl, it's so how my life/personality works

tonight at 11ish my phone rings, a local number I've never seen before.
the conversation is below:

'Yo Dawg! are you watching the fight'
me: umm hello?
'well are you?'
me: heh nope, not if you mean the Mayweather-De La hoya fight, for some reason I thought it was tomorrow night.
'nah, but you aren't david are you'
me: *thinking aha the lights came on* nope, darlin' I think you have the wrong number
'not with a voice like yours, where you live? you should come over and watch the fight'
me: *laughing* thanks for the offer, but shouldn't I at least know who I'm talking to?
'Rashawn, what's your name?'
me: Julia, nice to talk to you Rashawn
'we're having a fight party, if you are in pottstown and wanna come over, I was calling my friend to get him here, but I got you somehow'
me: well that's ok, I like boxing, who's gonna win it?
'not sure, de la hoya is hanging in there but mayweather seems to have a little somethin somethin in reserve'
me: hmm, damn, I wanted to watch it, I'll have to make sure to check who wins in the morning
'hey! can I call you back and tell you who wins when it's over? will you be up?'
mw: *laughing* if you can remember how you misdialed and got me, sure thing.
'cool! I'll do it then'
me: ok thanks, have a great party!
'cool, you have a good night'

hehe oh my, I thought Alyssa (my daughter) was gonna die, she was just staring at me and grinning. even if he doesn't call back, he made my week.
Happy 5th of May ya'll

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