Sunday, October 30, 2011

More on Being Alice (Aug 27th 2007)

Topsy turvey and upside down
there goes my world again
spinning around

the mushroom wasn't magic
the caterpillar lied
all I get is sick
when I swallow
what you provide

I don't want to go back down
the rabbit hole once more
there is nothing waiting there

"turn back" my heart cries
"Pain lies down this path
and all that he gives you
are chains to your past"

but I am forced into taking this road
jumping down just like before
and the bottom of the rabbit hole
is a broken heart floor

I feel like I'm giving up
buying into your delusion
my heart says one thing
my mind another
adding to my confusion

I could ask the Mad Hatter
to give it one more try
but instead I'll head
to the grinning Cats lair
and hope he doesn't swallow me alive

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